Depressed Addison Gets Picked Up Then Filled Up

Starring: Addison O'Riley, Zeke

Story: When Addison gets kicked off the cheerleading team for being 5 minutes late, she's totally pissed. So she calls up her friend on the celly to dish about the deets. Recent grad Zeke, who was nearby watching his little brother's football team, couldn't help but overhear Addison stressing over the situation. Being an alumnus himself, he wanted to show his school spirit by offering Addision support in her time of emotional need, so he kindly offered to walk her home. She appreciated his concern and thanked him by letting him kiss and pet her slim body before showing off her perfect tits on the balcony. As if that weren't enough of a thank you, our blondie cutie then dropped to her knees to take his cock balls deep down her throat. All hot and bothered now, Zeke really needed to fuck her, so she said he could on one condition. She warned him that she wasn't on birth control and that if he were to fuck her, he couldn't cum anywhere near her pussy! Zeke agreed...but his dick forgot to!